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ASLI STAMP Applications uses ASLI Utility Tokens (ERC-20) for all transactions and events coded in smart contracts on the ethereum network. This enables stakeholders to easily access a variety of tokens using standard ethereum wallets like MIST or METAMASK. Once our SwaNet (Our own Blockchain Main Net) is in force, the ASLI tokens on ethereum are locked and ASLI tokens are issued on our SwaNet on par with the number of tokens they hold on their ETH Addresses.

Businesses can do more with ASLI STAMP other than supply chain use case?

Legal Agreements

University Certificates

Commercial papers

Law enforcement

Electronic Health Record

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Why AsliStamp ?


Supplier Contract Management


Regulatory Compliance


Tracking provenance and critical parameters of trade item


Preventing counterfeit products

Supplier contract management

Smart contracts can be used to transform transaction efficiency, improving the speed of execution and supporting faster dispute resolution. Responsive contracts eliminate inefficiencies associated with regular contracts.

Regulatory compliance

A blockchain can maintain a product’s entire history and allows regulators to determine whether that product has been manufactured and handled in a compliant manner.

Tracking provenance and critical parameters of a trade item

Blockchain allows businesses and consumers to trace a product’s origin, attributes, and any change of ownership. For products that are sensitive to storage conditions, blockchain, coupled with IoT, can help companies track conditions, such as temperature during transit.


What's special about AsliStamp

SwaNet uses Lattice-based Cryptography which is Quantum Proof to generate public-private key pairs and our patent-pending Proof of Lattice time Dynamic Dual Consensus Mechanism. We have crafted the consensus model having multidimensional data points on the supply chain in mind.


Quantum Proof Lattice based Cryptography.

Patented Consensus Mechanism : Proof of Lattice Time

Powered by SQRC, The Next generation QR code.

Geo-location based BLE Beacons for Dynamic validation.

Businesses can do more with ASLI STAMP other than supply chain use case?

ASLI STAMP Verification as a Service system is capable of locking the originality of all documents like BOM of the supply chain, University Certificates, Government Identities or Commercial papers to fight document fraud. The Digital footprint of the documents is stored on Blockchain in the form of hash and is used to generate the QR Code, which can be used for the authenticity of data on the document.

Legal Agreements
University Certificates
Commercial Papers
Law Enforcement
Electronic Health Record
Government Identities

Token Allocation

Growth brought about by technology and global trade has positively affected many markets and improved everyday lives. However, brand owners are spending more money, time and resources than ever to protect their brands and trademarks as global counterfeit trade increases, especially online.


Pre-Sale & Values

  • Exchange Rate 1 ASLI = $0.10
  • Start Date 15th August 2019
  • End Date 15 Sept 2019
  • Minimum Purchase 100 USD
  • Hard Cap 2 Million
  • Acceptable currencies BTC, ETH, USD

Fund Allocation of AsliStamp Token

We will be routing our ZRS token in our validation system, which will bring value to multiple stakeholders, proportional to their individual contributions. ASLI Stamp use cases involve ZRS Token for all transactions, storage, validation, etc which will vary for each use case.



Q2 - 2019

AsliStamp V.1.0 (Standard Content Verification) Concept & Design Ready POC, MVP & Marketing


Q3 - 2019

AsliStamp V.2.0 (Advanced Content Verification, GEO Tagging) Concept & Design Ready POC, MVP Ready Marketing & Implementation


Q4 - 2019

AsliStamp V.3.0 (External Validations with Oracles) Concept Ready Design Ready


Q1 - 2020

AsliStamp V.3.0 (External Validations with Oracles) POC & MVP Ready Marketing & Implementation


Q2 - 2020

AsliStamp V.4.0 (Integrating with Proof of Lattice Time) Concept Ready Design Ready


Q3 - 2020

AsliStamp V.5.0 (Quantum Cryptography) Concept Ready Design Ready


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White Paper

The ASLI tokens are digital cryptographic utility tokens based on ERC20 that provide access to the Zoreum Global Platform Software. The ASLI tokens are not intended to constitute securities and/or collective investment units in any jurisdiction.

The world relies on data to make decisions—the number of votes to determine an election, the bank on if they should grant you a loan, and even to link a nation-state to a cyber attack. The only thing worse than not having data is having manipulated data. Data sabotage is the latest evolution of data attacks on enterprises.


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AsliStamp is Decentralized Application (DApp). The Autonomous Singular Label Identifier Stamp is unique QR based document or content integrity identity system. It generates unique identity for a document or content and authenticates the document integrity.
Not being traditional web application or Mobile App, AsliStamp is DApp which uses Blockchain as core component. The “Singularity” is nature of AsliStamp. Singularity mean, the State, Fact, Quality, or Condition of being singular. Once the QR is created using AsliStamp the attributes used to create QR are immutable hence the fact is recorded with AsliStamp and it can be verified any time, from anywhere.
Using AsliStamp DApp client scan the QR code to validate whether document is fake or original.
A Decentralized Application (DApp) is very similar to a traditional web application or Mobile App. The one critical difference is that instead of an API connecting to a database, there is a smart contract connecting to a Blockchain. The AsliStamp Smart Contract uses the Blockchain concepts and quantum proof cryptography technology to convert document into irreversible hash codes and stores the hashcode in Blockchain for verification.
Use AsliStamp service to generate AsliStamp QR for your documents/certificates.
The QR codes will be available in your wallet which can be shared in any format soft copy or hard copy.